Car Wash

When I was a kid, my dad would wash his car (1969 Volvo 145 wagon) every 2 weeks, whether it needed it or not. I decided that I did NOT want to spend my time doing that when I grew up - and I haven’t.

People have asked me how I keep my van looking so nice - and I am always amazed, as I wash the van maybe once or twice a year.

My washing routine is pretty simple - here are the products and tools that I use:

  1. Just start at the top and work down with the soap and mitt.
  2. Use Color-X if it does not look clean and shiny (or has been a few years).
  3. Clean the pop-top as needed with Novus - great stuff, works great on the ABS top (the EVC is not a fiberglass top like the Westfalia version of the camper).
  4. If the bumpers are faded, make them look new again with Bumper Black.

That’s it!

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