First you get a “privacy” tent (pick one - any one).

Then you get a garden sprayer A 1 gallon size should be enough for 2 people, and it you remove the pumping mechanism, it can store under the bed! Just add hot water to this.

Then you get a sink sprayer (like the thing in the back of your EVC).

Using a combination of stainless steel hose clamps and good quality reinforced tubing, connect the sink sprayer to the tank - here is how I did it:

NOTE This is how I did it on my RL FloMaster Stainless Steel Sprayer (which is no longer made, but VERY handy (we can put it on the stove and heat the water IN the sprayer) - your mileage may vary.

You need:

  • 2 inch length of 3/8 fuel line
  • 2 stainless steel hose clamps
  • sink sprayer (like you have in the back of the EVC)

Remove the hose from the bug sprayer - all you need to save is the thin plastic “dip tube” that goes into the tank.

This leaves you with a barbed fitting on the tank - attach one end of the fuel line to this.

Cut off the plumbing fitting at the end of the sink sprayer.

Insert the “dip tube” about 1 inch into the end of the sink sprayer hose (you may need to cut off any “flare” that the dip tube has).

Insert the sink sprayer hose into the other end of the fuel line - you may need to use glycerin (or dish soap) to help the sink sprayer hose slide into the fuel line.

Use a hose clamp to secure the fuel line to the bug sprayer, the other to secure the fuel line to the sink sprayer hose - the “dip tube” will prevent the hose clamp from collapsing the sink sprayer hose.

Here is what it looks like complete:


This works great if you want/need a hot water source for doing dishes, as well as a handy water source you can put on a picnic table, etc.

To use:

  1. IF you have a metal one: Remove the sprayer pump mechanism, fill with 1 gallon of water, place the hose in your sink and the bug sprayer on your stove (1 gallon will easily clean 2 adults)
  2. Heat until you like the temperature, then insert the pumping mechanism.
  3. IF you have a plastic one: Heat up some water to the desired temperature and add it to the sprayer.
  4. Take it into your tent (we put it on one collapsible foot stool and sit on a second one).
  5. Pump up the bug sprayer, activate the handheld sink sprayer and enjoy a hot shower every morning!

You can also carry it/keep it in a small bucket with some Reflectix insulation around it to keep it warm - the bucket will prevent the metal bottom of the sprayer from scratching surfaces, too.

No batteries needed, very minimal equipment - you just have to occasionally pump the bug sprayer to keep the pressure up.

Some notes: Get a shower tent has a removable floor so you can carry your used shower water and put it in YOUR grey water tank or a campsite drain. Getting a slatted wood “bathmat” of some kind is nice to keep your feet clean. Having a chair outside the tent helps, too.