The BEST thing I did after getting our van was to join the “ev_update” Yahoo group (now on as “eurovanupdate”) – I wish I knew about it sooner -join now! I have found out so much helpful info, including how to remove/repair the fridge, fix propane issues, photos of modifications, etc. There is a mailing list, files and photos section, etc. Check it out.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest, there is now another group – sort of a “spin-off” of the “ev_update” group - NWEVC. The focus is on social events in the Pacific Northwest, travel tips, etc – anything with a regional focus. You can join here.

More Online Resources

EuroVan Rescue - John maintains a database of repair shops, a “link library” with TONS of helpful links, and has helpful “real world” posts

The Samba - Probably the oldest VW online forum. You can find some used parts, vehicles, and some interesting posts about modifications and repairs.

Thomas EXOVCDS - an amazing collection of very helpful videos for things like removing your dash, changing a serpentine belt, etc.

VW Vortex - lots of good info here, more technical than The Samba (IMHO). Folks have posted about their TDI conversions here, etc.


Eurocampers - some hard to find accessories and supplies for the EuroVan

EuroParts – check their prices – you gotta be kidding, right? Nope – superb prices, great parts, fantastic service.

GoWesty – They have NEW propane tanks, some great kits (like the luggage rack bracket kit), and like most of the vendors – great service!

PDX RV LLC - These guys have LOTS of RV parts - thermostats, “tune-up kits” for your furnace, Norcold parts, etc. Great prices, too.

Spareto - I recently (2021) got a brand new AC condenser for my 95 from an outfit in Estonia: Spareto. This part is listed as NLA in North America. Genuine Nissen part. DHL took only a few days to get here (Seattle). Check them out if you have a need for a part you can’t get - maybe they can get it.

Tru-Line Frame and Wheel – if you are in Seattle, these are THE guys for suspension adjustments, shock installs (if you don’t want to do that yourself) and more.

Rhino Design Studio - They have a center console for the EuroVan for sale