On the passengers side of the EVC, underneath the window, part of the wall is inset, with a small bungee net that is only big enough to hold a slim paperback and maybe a few pairs of undies (we even called it the “undies area”). We got sick of not having any real storage on that side of the bed, so some serious surgery was in order.

Got out my handy cutting tool:

Cutting Tool

and cut away!

Big Hole

There is quite a bit of room back there, but the trick is that the wall is curved AND tapers towards the back - so you just can’t make a rectangular box and call it a day (never said this was easy!). So I started with some cardboard templates:

Template Another Template

Then moved to a rough plywood mockup:


You also need to add a bit of backing material, as the wall is not all that strong, and since it will curve a bit, you need to “pinch” it between the box and backing plate. I just used double stick tape to hold it there. You also need a spacer to capture a screw.

Backing Plate Backing Plate Installed Spacer

Here are a bunch of measurements for the box that I built. The box is 1/4 birch plywood, glued together.

Measurement Length Measurement Opening Width Measurement Width Measurement Depth Measurement Opening

Here it is installed - with a thin mattress, and our usual super comfy mattress setup. Room for a few beers, battery candles, books, etc:

Installed Installed Thin Mattress Installed Comfy Mattress