The Fiamma comes with 2 brackets that mount to the side of the van, so you do not need to place the legs on the ground - great for a quick setup at a lunch stop.

The placement of these brackets is not “spelled out” anywhere - here is what I found worked best for me.

I placed the brackets the same distance below the “crease” in the side of the van. I placed the front bracket close to the sliding door opening, so that the passenger door could be opened with the awning deployed.

front bracket

It is a very close fit:

front bracket

For the rear, the location was dependent on 2 things - missing a seam created by the taillight housing (only noticeable from the inside), and not too far away from that seam, to take advantage of the stiffer panel near the seam.

rear bracket

Here are some shots of the legs in place:

rear leg front leg