Above the EVC cab is a luggage rack - a plastic cover over the roof that has 2 handles for strapping boxes, bags, etc (see my post: Storage Box Above Cab. I received a stainless steel bracket kit to replace the existing steel brackets that attach this piece of plastic to the roof, so I thought I would take this piece of plastic off and see just what is going on underneath - man, I am glad I did!


Even if you have no intention of replacing the brackets, you should remove this luggage rack and clean underneath - mine was filthy!

The existing brackets are steel, attached with pop rivets and adhesive - adhesive ONLY on one side of the brackets. On my EVC, one bracket was only in place with pop rivets - the adhesive had failed on the other side.

Go Westy sells a stainless steel bracket replacement kit - this replaces the existing brackets with stainless steel ones, and provides for pop rivet mounting on both sides.

You need to clean the roof very well, drill some holes, seal with silicone, and install some pop rivets.

Two installation tips:

  1. There is not a hole drilled in the front bracket for the screw that connects the luggage rack to the front bracket - you will want to drill this hole BEFORE you mount the front bracket to the roof. Just use your old bracket as template for where to drill this hole. Drilling in stainless steel requires a slow drill speed and lots of pressure - you do not want to heat up the steel, you just want to “cut” it with the drill.

  2. While drilling the pilot holes for the pop rivets that mount over the headliner, you need to make sure you do not drill too far, or you will drill right through the headliner and into the cab - you can make a drill stop with some fuel line - like so:

drill stop

Here the roof is all ready for the install: