Platform Bed Details

Here are some photos of how our platform bed is put together. The wood is 34 inch birch plywood, the hinges are brass piano hinges, and aluminum angle is used to create the “box” portion and other supports.

View from the back: bed_back_view

My method for holding the platform in place: bed_support1 bed_support2

The platform is hinged in such a way as to form a seat (from before we had a drawer): seat_up

View with platform removed (looking towards the back of the van): bed_box

We have a drawer under the bed that is also used to support the front edge of the platform: bed_drawer1

Small pieces of wood “flip up” to prevent the drawer from sliding back: bed_drawer2

Pins, set in brass bushings, are used to hold the seat closed, as well as hold the platform in the “upright” position: bed_pins

Countersunk bolts are used to connect the “box” to the floor: bed_bolts

I removed the metal plate that was used to support the bench seat and replaced it with a piece of plywood with brass inserts - I have heard of others keeping the metal plate in place, and sliding the box into the angle pieces on this plate - that is a pretty slick idea! bed_plate

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